The Short Story

I went to college for something other than what I do today; photography to be exact. It's a typical pattern often heard of throughout our culture. My passion started late in life for the Web and continues to this day. I love to incorporate all my experiences and studies with graphic design, typography, photography and music into the Web. HTML, CSS and JavaScript are my home, but I can sling some mean SVG too.

My experiments and projects have been featured on The Treehouse Show, Product Hunt, CSS-Tricks, Codrops Collective, Smashing Magazine & Newsletter, Adobe Typekit, Front-end Front, I Hate Tomatoes, Give n' Go, CSS Weekly, Web Design Weekly, Responsive Design Weekly, Web Animation Weekly, Web Field Manual, Web Design Repo, Speckyboy, SVG Weekly, Web Tools Weekly, Web Development Reading List and many more resources yet to be discovered.

Current Projects

I currently run and operate GRAY GHOST; A web development and design business based in Rochester, NY. If you're in need of anything project related (design, development) please send me an e-mail at In my spare time I write, fly fish, play music and work with my hands as a guitar repair and customization expert. If you're interested in anything I do feel free to view my work on CodePen, Dribbble, GitHub or follow my ramblings on Twitter.

Published Articles

I love to write and share with the community so I publish articles through an assortment of industry respected publications online and in print on topics such as SVG, Interaction & Animation, GreenSock, Development Workflow, Tooling, Accessibility, CSS, JavaScript, Sass along with a wide range of other topics relating to Web Design and Development. Click on any of the links above to see a listing of all my articles.

Speaking & Discussions

Some of my talks have been on behalf of my company, but of course they were still me giving the talk so I feel inclined to share them with you. I've also had the privilege as an invited guest on podcasts relating to the Web also listed below.